New harness : Genie XO
The new competition / cross country harness from Gin is ready; a new step forward in technical features and finish for advanced flights.
Developed by the Italian brand Woody Valley and the R&D team of Gin Gliders, this harness is designed for pilots who want performance
with comfort of flight for cross country and competition.
- Many possibilities of trimming to find the best handling.
- New belt system to increase the precision of the turn in climbing

Pilot with all your body! The new belt system gives you more feeling and feedback from your wing
- Designed to match perfectly with your body in each position of flight: thermaling, transition, accelerated…
- High level of quality finish: each detail was studied without limitation of possibilities
- We have minimized the weight but kept the essential for this high level harness
- Numerous small pockets for long flights
- Footstrap
- Bottom mounted rescue parachute
- Back protection included, Optional side protection
- DHV Homologated
- Sizes : M-L-XL
- Weight : 5.2 kg (for the large size)